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Been playing with simonb's software. I can now produce charts of my weekly weight loss again sensibly, and also get it to post them to LJ for me. Works quite nicely thankyou, except for realising I hadn't set the EDITOR environment variable and finding myself in vi for the first time in ages! At least I can still remember how to quit it anyway ;-)

In other news I've mown the lawn today, and raked it and clipped the edges. Thrown away weeks of accumulated clippings and admired the little border of herbs that I planted out yesterday, which look much happier for their extra space and having been watered. Took the knackered gate off its hinges before it succeeded in pulling the rest of the fence down with it. It all looks much tidier.

Still feeling somewhat down, and ewx obviously is too, but having some friends round yesterday evening seemed to help and S&J are coming round tonight to eat cheese and drink. Trying to keep busy is mostly a way of coping I think.


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