Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


9:45 arrive in office. Temperature 12° C. Ask James if I should go home, he says it's up to me. Quick run through mail before heading up to common room to have a meeting with Paul, since it's warmer up there. By the time I get back from coffee and faffing it's near 11:30 and the room has warmed up to 13°. This is still below what health and safety say is appropriate for office work, so I came home to work here instead, even if I feel like it makes me a poor member of the dept team for being the only one to do so. But dammit the law says it's my responsibility too, and I damned well wasn't dressed for it, I was dressed for cycling in 10° or so, which doesn't require as many layers since the exercise keeps you warm. Anyway I've finally got through the first run of my inbox, only 650 or so spams to filter now, as well as the ones in various other places. And I'm doing it in a sensible temperature.

Appointments at OH are on Weds this week and Tues next. Have 4:40 appointment with my doctor booked for today. Am absolutely shattered, but feeling a hell of a lot less stressed than I was first thing this morning.
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