Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Today's Diesel Sweeties on this theme made me laugh. I don't think I have any specific resolutions to make for this year, but some vague goals to work towards instead.

- Sticking to eating in a way that will gradually take the weight back off, and not letting it go completely whenever there's a small setback.

- Getting to grips with my job properly, and if not finding something to move to that suits me better.

- Continuing to improve my finances, there's no reason why I can't live well within my income and soon be back in positive money all the time, I just need to resist splurging on things.

- If possible being in the right frame of mind come the summer to really work out what to write a dissertation about, so I can get down to it in September.

I rather like the concept of 50bookchallenge, but rather than joining that community I think I'll just try and keep track of all the books I do manage to read this year, since it might make an interesting list, and it might also encourage me in a bit of variety.

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