Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Stuff and things

Not much exciting going on at the moment. As ewx said we had a nice weekend in Yorkshire with my mum and dad. Since then I have mostly just been feeling a bit fed up and fretting about the lack of any news from the Sanger. At this rate I don't hold out much hope, which is pretty miserable.

Nigel came to stay last night and we went to see Reign of Fire which was good enough fun. Nice to see him too, and he's looking well. I think him and Richard had a nice time during the day while I was at work too.

And tonight is my slimming class's woman of the year award, in which I'm an entrant. Feeling pretty fat and dumpy today though, and not convinced I'll have lost any weight this week which is annoying given how hard I worked at the weekend at being good when I could have just enjoyed myself instead. Have to wait and see. I am in a size smaller clothes than I've been wearing up until now, so that might be why I feel fatter, since they are a bit snug.

Overall justing wishing rjk could find a job sometime soon, I'm sick of us being broke and it must be even worse for him. *sigh*

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