Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Happy Morning!

Finally got up. Great evening last night. Too many good things to mention them all. Looking forward to seeing the photos on rjk's camera. Fab to see Jan again, I've missed her. Nice to finally properly meet robinbloke who I've seen around here for ages. He's lovely :-) Lots of other people are lovely too, the only one of which that caught me by surprise was Pete Clay (aha, pjc50). *grin*. My hangover seems to consist of a sore throat, which makes me wonder if instead it's a symptom of having kissed so many people happy new year.

Didn't get to bed properly til 6am, and then had some of the weirdest dreams. Including a pet dog, goths, flirting with lots of people including kitty and jess and a random goth I've seen around but don't actually know, but who seemed very nice. And rjk proposing by relay through my mum via mobile phone, which was all a bit odd. There was all sorts of other peculiar stuff too.

Here's hoping this year's a good one anywya, and time to go sing Happy Birthday to my dad!

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