Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Weight update

This week I stayed the same.

Over the past 9 months of dieting I've lost 3st 4lb, which amounts to 22% of my starting weight - my current weight is 11st 12lb.

My target weight is 11st 0lb. I am currently 12lb away from this.

My current BMI is 26.81; my target BMI is 24.87.

The past 9 months weight change
The past 4 months weight change
The past 9 months bmi change
The past 4 months bmi change

I'm a bit disappointed at staying the same, as I was almost perfect this week in terms of sticking the the Slimming World eating plan. And I've almost certainly blown my chance of being Slimmer of the Month this month, since one of our new members has just lost 10 pounds in her first 3 weeks. I lost 9 pounds so far this month, so I'd have to lose at *least* one more than her next week, and I don't think that's very likely at this stage. It does kind of mean I'm never likely to manage it, since I've not got all that far to go. Sometimes I worry that I try and turn everything into a competition though.

Away this weekend visiting mum and dad. I think I'm going to have to try and be cunning and just do my best to be good while I'm away. Taking a bunch of fruit with me sounds like a good plan, though this will require shopping. And I might take along a couple of sin-free tinned things so I know I can snack on them if I want. My dad's diabetes means he's now on a no-added-sugar diet, which might help, though they're not avoiding fat in the same way. I know they're sympathetic to me doing this, but they might think that because I've let it slide when I've seen them previously, because it's been holiday, then I will now too. It means too much to me at the moment though. [No longer interested friends-only]

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