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Eleanor Blair

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Domesticity and bliss

Today I:

Did some washing
Decorated two cakes
Ordered some shopping from Tesco
Learned how to make creme caramel
Looked up how to make a sweet crumble and adapted it for a rather good fish pie

So we had a very nice dinner, with nice wine, followed by the Big Lebowski on video, with our pudding and white russians partway through. So I overcooked the caramel so most of it needed cracking out of the ramekins afterwards with a spoon, but it tasted great. I must mail my sister the photos and thank her for a great present. RJK is feeling spoiled, but I did point out that me getting this keen on such things is probably only because it has been proceeded by over a week of doing almost sod all. He's busy thinking up drinking games, I'm looking forward to more Harry Potter and dinner with AndrewW tomorrow. And we have bubbly and nibbles for new year on order too. Life can be pretty good sometimes.

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