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Just back from a lovely few days in Bournemouth. Was going to say Merry Christmas to more people at the time but the credit on my phone ran out - bad timing. Lovely relaxing time anyway, nice to see Nigel, Bernie and mhk and also briefly their friends Dave and Dianne and their son Edward. And of course Pepper the cat, who was greatly appreciating all the extra company and people to play with. Got some lovely presents, rang home and discovered the ones I'd sent were appreciated too, which is always half the fun. Glad to be back home though after a terribly long drive. Listening to new CDs, waiting for pizza to arrive, it's a good life. Need to sort out my address book of IRL addresses at some point, there are some severe gaps. Will mail people asking at some point, but in the meantime if you want to mail me your address feel free. Looking forward to a quiet few days before New Year. Maybe we'll do something useful, maybe I'll just get started on Harry Potter, now I finally reached the end of the Fellowship. So many books, so little time!

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