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Minor frustrations

Brackets arrived. Fitted front one, and discovered my handlebars are apparently an odd width. With one bit of padding the clamp fits, but if I do it up really tight then the end of the screw protudes too much and the light won't go on. If I try use both bits of padding the ends of the clamp won't meet and screw together at all. Left it on slightly loose, so have to make sure it doesn't slip and suddenly dip in use. Will try and manage something better with 1.5 bits of padding at some point.

As for the back light: bracket also arrived, but with these ones apparently the clamp bit comes separately. So popped into Howes and bought one for a quid on the way into work. Got to the office and tried to fit it, only to discover that in fact the reason they're sold separately is that they vary quite a bit in size, and in fact this one wouldn't fit through my seat stay, the stay being far too fat. So as an interim measure attached light to rack with means of sellotape, so I could actually get home.

On way home swapped clamp for larger one, and checked it would really fit, but figured I'd fit it properly in the morning when it was light. So went to the pub and left bike chained up outside, with light still taped on (since it was too fiddly to remove and refit). Guess what wasn't there when I came back out? So now I've gone from light but no bracket to bracket and no light. It feels like it can't possibly be real. But I guess it means more shopping tomorrow.

In other less irritating news I came out of my hermit's shell a bit today to go and do the quiz at the Carlton, and had a very pleasant evening. And Becky and Mike's friend Matt helped us win, by a whole one point lead. Go us! The kids books round was a blessing. And I'm gradually getting used to riding the bike. It has good points, even if it keeps reminding me how different it is from the old one. Getting more done at work than I was does make me feel a bit better about it at least as well, which has got to be a good thing. A million and one appointments lined up (OK one a week til mid January) to try and fix me. I think I was happier just pretending not to be broken, but we'll see how it goes. This evening has definitely helped lots, and I have things to look forward to over the next week.

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