Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


<ewx> oh, well, if you get rooted then "i told you so"
<Emperor> ewx: here, have a trout:
* Servus disparages ewx's mother
<lnr> but mhk is nice
<Emperor> true. I'll try again
* Servus questions ewx's lineage (at the instigation of Emperor)
<Art> Try again again. :)
<Emperor> damn! no insulting the family!
* ewx raises an eyebrow
* LNR giggles
* Servus watches ewx splashing around in the shallow end of the gene pool
<Emperor> drat.
<ewx> your trouts are weak, old man
* Servus throws ewx into the Cam
* Servus asks if Emperor is a man or a mouse
<Emperor> better. you swim with the fishes now :)
* Servus invites Emperor up for coffee
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