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My legs ache, I'm tired, and there seems to be lots of glitter around the house, but I've had a lovely weekend so far. Dancing, snogging, talking, a bit of drinking, nice food, shopping, lovely friends. I said to Simon yesterday that I know far too many lovely people, and that I feel like I don't deserve it, so here's some thanks. To Tom, for good memories he's left me, and for keeping good memories of his own. To David *hugs* for slam dancing and too many other things to mention. To Katherine (Kathryn? Catherine? Mark's friend) for being awfully sweet. To the lovely young goth lady who didn't run away when I asked if I could have a kiss at Erotica. To Mike for hugs and kisses and fun shopping. To marna for crash space and the offer of breakfast even though I couldn't stay for it. To Jan for the flowers, and for being such a great friend. To Simon for being lovely, and daft conversations etc on the stairs. To Owen for a nice birthday party. And most of all to Richard, for everything.

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