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So what have I done since I've been back? Had a couple of quiet days. VCR arrived on Wednesday and we spent that afternoon watching Apocalypse Now (not the most cheery thing) and then caught something on the telly which was interesting at the time but which I've now completely forgotten followed by Predator.

Thursday I baked a second Christmas cake (having overcooked the previous one last week having forgotten to turn the oven off before going out to the cinema. This one came out pretty perfect though. Evening I stayed in though Richard went out to the pub. Finally caught an episode of IQQI [oops bad place for typo] on BBC2, which was pretty funny, though I'm not quite sure I'd call it a quiz, since much of it was just good natured rambling. Then put Gregory's Girl on and curled up on the sofa for the night.

Friday we caught the Matrix at 6, which was fun, but not necessarily good. The plot was more or less as one might expect. There was some in-matrix fighting which wasn't all that exciting, and some impressive CGI of Zion being attacked, which was really the only bit of the film which was completely jaw-dropping. It could have been worse. But for David's sake I ought to mention it has giant robots. Sorry. Then I headed over to E-J and Karen's pyjama party, which was great fun. Caught the end of Shock Treatment followed by Barbarella, Legally Blonde and Vamp all of which were great fun, and I hadn't seen before. glitterboy1 was right that Legally Blonde is great. I really enjoyed it. Drank quite a bit and ate chocs and crisps and dip and had a great time. Karen lent me a pair of jeans (until they either fit her again or get too big for me) and Rachel donated some pretty undies, which I ended up leaving behind by mistake, will have to pick up at some point. Finally got home at 3:45. Thanks Karen for a great idea and E-J for hosting it.

Saturday morning was understandably somewhat missing, but by the evening we were compos mentis enough to head over to Col's birthday party. Wasn't drinking but had a good time talking to Karen and Jan and Simon in particular, and meeting both terryfish and nunfetishist both of whom were lovely. Great goth compilation album Nocturne was played, may have to look out for a copy of that. Popped out into the garden just after 1am to watch a moon which was more or less at total eclipse, even if one edge persisted in looking s bit white still. It was rather pretty anyway, and nice of the passing thin clouds to co-operate. Home at 1:30 which was perhaps a bit unwise given we had to get up in the morning, but would probably have been OK if we'd slept better. Somehow Richard not sleeping well seems to keep me awake somewhat.

Sunday however we did manage to drag ourselves out of bed and to the Carlton to meet people by 9:30, and were even fractionally the first to arrive, though the others were all pretty prompt. The A14 being open made the drive over to Thetford easier and we arrived pretty early so had time for tea in the cafe beforehand, with a slightly odd interlude when they switched the radio on to observe the two minute silence at 11. Still, had a pleasant chat and time to wake up a bit, and nice to talk to Michelle, who I don't think I've seen since we met when I was visiting Becky in Warrington quite some time ago. By some foolish whim I volunteered to be first up the ladder at the demo bit which is the first set. This meant I go to be the guinea-pig for the first zip slide, which I goofed and landed on my back. 5 more and I still hadn't got them right by the end. I'm still finding bits of bark from the soft landing zones in the oddest places: like in my back pocket.

The whole thing was absolutely great fun though. The Tarzan swing was definitely the scariest bit, and I think that's because it's the only bit where you're actually falling. The rest of the time your weight is on your arms or legs or harness or some combination of all three, but before the harness catches you on that one you're just dropping into thin air. You should have heard me shriek as I jumped off! Did mostly OK at most of the rest, though made a rather messy job of the stirrups. Lunch when we'd finished was a nice way to calm back down and let the adrenaline leak back out before driving home. Spent the rest of the afternoon watching the next 10 episode of Cities of Gold, which was cool, and we're getting to more stuff that I definitely recognised which is cool. And Becky cooked us yet another lovely meal, this time a rather nice winter veg stew, which was just what we needed. Home now and caught my mum briefly on the phone. She's suggesting I go up to visit for the weekend of the 22nd, they feel like they've not seen me in ages, and they would like to see me near my birthday. Also dropped the news that Steph has a boyfriend, but I have to talk to her myself at some point to find out more! Cool, apparently she's really happy and that's lovely.

Plan for this week is to take it easy now I'm going back to work, especially since I shall no doubt be rather achy for the next couple of days. I should go back and re-join SW on Tuesday and start over again. Over 13 stone again now, that's 2.5 stone put back on of 4.5 lost in total, which is just too much. Feel a bit daunted really but I'm really hating how fat I feel at the moment, and almost none of my clothes fit comfortably any more. My turn to feed Becky on Wednesday I reckon. Perhaps Bad Taste then rather than the quiz, or perhaps on Thursday rather than the pub, not sure. And Saturday is Erotica in London. Must dig out my ticket. Not that I feel terribly like buying much at the moment but it should still be a nice day out.

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