Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

I suppose I should try a better write-up of Whitby.

Joined people in the Elsinore on the Wednesday night, after a train trip whose highlights included fabulous goodie bags from Marna and a tour of Middlesbrough station (surprisingly interesting) from Chris Dickson. Didn't stay long, but did say hi to Davefish and Liz W (venta) as well as being introduced to Jon (a Cambridge goth I'd not met before) and bumping into various other familiar faces. Then settled into cottage, which was tiny and cosy and in Arguments Yard, which I still can't help smiling about, even if we didn't manage to get a photo of us in the alleyway. Had tossed a coin with Kitty and lost so we got the twin room rather than the double, but at least it was handier for the bathroom.

Nice potter with Richard on Thursday. Out along the pier to the end, which reminded me how much more funny about heights I am than I was when I was a kid. Nice just leaning on the end and watching the sea for a while, and there was a good view out North along the coast. Then had a nice potter along the beach then up the West Cliff to the Pavilion for me to pick up my wristband. Then along to see Captain Cook's statue and the whalebone arch, both of which are fond memories for me. Pottered back down into town and then wandered round til we found a teashop for cream cakes!

Thursday night I joined people in the Spa. Had a nice chat with redcountess and Arkady and Marna and was introduced to mofette, her bloke who I later learned was meltie and olethros. Missed Deathboy but then pottered over to join the kittens in the main room. They all seemed to head off to bed, and I stayed to watch Faith and the Muse on my own. Rather enjoyed them and bumped into old ex-boyf Tom as well. Wandered off for a drink and a chat with him afterwards which was nice. Kept trying to meet up with him later in the weekend but phones were conspiring against us: had very dodgy reception much of the time, and sometimes couldn't get Orange at all, even in places it had been working previously. Also bumped into Sarah, which was nice though she didn't stay long. Headed back down to listen to the next band (Incubus Sukubus I think) who were OK, but got distracted by conversation with Kitty. Never attempt to have earnest conversations in loud rooms when drunk. I think I proceeded to get the wrong end of the stick, and then hand it back again while attempting to sound like I didn't mind. Conversation definitely needs to continue at some point more sober. But anyway *blows kiss*, so long as no toes get trodden on I'm interested. Headed home perkily after chucking out time. Kitty was heading off to other cottage but seemed to get waylaid. No idea what he got up to but someone poured him in through our front door at 8ish the next morning and he spent much time sleeping it off on the sofa.

Friday I did some shopping at the Met with the others, and bought a nice rubber collar, but resisted the boots with the red patent flames. If they'd fitted properly I might not have done though. Then stopped for lunch and icecream floats with the kittens. Well me and Ali had icecream, even if the others didn't. I went for a quiet evening in with Richard, which was nice and we watched Wag the Dog on the video. Saturday I made it out to the spa again in the evening but didn't stay long. I was feeling very spare part-ish and not really enjoying the music much - probably just tiredness. Much time in the meantime spent reading, pottering, watching MTV and VH1 and cartoons on the sky tv the cottage had (blame Jess for the cartoons).

Sunday we finally made it up to the Abbey, which was good, but very windswept. Perhaps should have given the audio tour handsets a go, as there wasn't really very much info, but it was still nice to wander round. And nice to get out of the wind for tea and cake afterwards. Wandered down to the East pier afterwards, and had a look at the pebbly beach on that side, but the sea was a little too far in to actually reach it. Made it to the spa again that evening and had a good time again, obviously more perked up, and I was feeling more sociable. Discovered the joys of too much red bull, and stopped for a cuppa with Dave and Dott and Liz and Ed back at their flat afterwards.

Quiet day on Monday, bought postcards and rock and candyfloss and had fish and chips for lunch, but mostly just sat around reading in the cottage. 80s night at Laughton's that night though was fabulous. Danced lots and lots. Talked to Tony (no LJ, shocking!) quite a bit and saw Mof again and danced to fraggle rock! Also met emarkienna properly, seen him around lots at the Calling but never said hello, and saw more of fluffymark too. They played some really great tracks, we drank lots and lots of expensive gin, and I got covered in glitter from hugging Ali and Marna.

Was shattered for trip back, but we eventually made it in one piece. It was a great way to spend a week. Nice mix of just pottering and mad clubbing/gigging. Met some nice new people, even if I didn't talk much. Caught up with some old friends. Spent some good time with Richard and Jess and Kitty and Juliet, though didn't see enough of the others really. Perhaps not up for it again in April, but next November is tempting. Whitby in November is just *right* somehow.

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