Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Seems like a long one some ways and a short one in others. Saw Sum of All Fears at the Warner on Friday night and then had dinner out with ewx afterwards. Nice, I don't think we've been out to dinner just the two of us for a while. Popped in at GR on the way home to pick up the post and stopped and had a glass of whisky with mobbsy.

Spent Saturday at Ben and Nattie's wedding which was lovely. Nice to meet her properly and lovely to meet both of their families too. Despite being at an event where we didn't know anyone we had a really nice time and everyone was very friendly. Invited mobbsy round in the evening and had another drink with him. Becoming a bit of a theme but half the rest of the universe were off at conventions.

Sunday morning I was feeling very stressed and worried about seeing ADW in the afternoon. I thought it went OK, although not perfect. But in a way it was a lot less bad than I expected. I was worried we were getting too close to bridge burning territory and it's not clear yet that we've definitely avoided it but it looks like there are a few possible routes towards things improving, which is good.

Met ewx and mobbsy *again* just before 5 and went to see Cabaret at the arts. I really enjoyed it actually. Pretty interesting film and good fun in places too despite the dark themes. Odd mix of frivolity and seriousness but nicely put together. Invited mobbsy back home with us for dinner and lark_ascending made it back from bicon in time to join us. Nice end to the evening. Still down to only one decent computer between us, still too hot, and still knackered, but overall it's been a good w/e. And we got the jigsaw finished too.

Might try and finish the current volume of the Tad Williams bricks (nearly 2 down, 2 to go, they're being slow work but I have been slotting other bits and pieces in around them) and then get an early night. Taken Friday off next week so I'll have 2 short weeks in a row which is always nice. We'll be away visiting my mum and dad though, which should be nice but the drive is a bit tiring.

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