Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Yesterday I spent 80% of the day asleep. Today I have spent 95% of it lying on the sofa in front of the telly going ug. I don't even seem to have very severe *symptoms* or anything, I'm a bit blocked up, coughing a bit, had a headache for a bit this afternoon, but mostly I'm just tired and grotty. Staying warm, keeping topped up with lots of fluids (orange juice and tonic, over 2 litres just today). Don't suppose there's much else to do. Wonder if the telly will be any better tomorrow. Should have just watched Being John Malkovich this afternoon really, rjk doesn't fancy it anyway so it would make sense to watch when he's not around. Maybe tomorrow. I'll be surprised if I'm well enough for work then. Hopefully back on Friday.

I have 10 days of holiday booked for the two weeks either side of Whitby. I'll need 8 days for when the dept is shut at Christmas. Other than that I have 3 spare days for holiday between now and the beginning of March. And that's rather depressing.
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