Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Nice evening

Richard slightly alarmed me by being quite a bit later back than he usually is after work drink and nibbles. Did give me a chance to watch some daft telly in the meantime (the news,a star trek next gen episode, and a program about people in the lake district) and get a head start with a couple of large gins. Mike and Christi arrived very promptly at 8 and we had pizza and then watched The Italian Job and fell about laughing lots. Amazingly none of us had seen it before. I can't believe they ended it where they did. Excellent film anyway. And then we sat around and drank some more and talked lots about all sorts of rubbish and finally gave up for bedtime at around 1am, since both Christi and Richard needed to get up this morning. Meeting Mike again later today to watch Pirates again since he hasn't seen it yet.
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