Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

10 authors

I can do better than that. Couldn't decide whose list of 10 to pick, so I thought I'd see what the whole list was if I just compiled all the ones I could find in my friends list (including in comments) into one list. In total there were 70. I'm impressed. Less impressive is the fact that I only own books by the following 14 15:

15 authorsCollapse )

and that's counting one I technically bought for Richard really. He owns and I have read several of the remaining 56 55 though:

55 authorsCollapse )

By rights I should probably add 56 55 more that I *do* own, to make the list back up to its full length, but I think that might be overkill, and bloody difficult, so I shall just add this one:

1 authorCollapse )

Update: oops, missed one. I've found my card index of books now, and while it's not quite up-to-date there are many many more authors I could have added. Perhaps I should try to update it at the w/e.
Tags: meme

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