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I dreamed I was at the cinema with Richard, and the row of hen night girls behind were squirting our row with something like squirty cream and we got cross and left and tried to complain to the manager and I woke up and I was still all cross and stressed about it which was weird, and made it hard to go back to sleep. And then I dreamed of politics and racing on foot and the gruff sergeant from An Officer and a Gentleman and weird bikes and a horse and cart and being a bloke with a young son who turned out to be a jedi knight even though I didn't know about it and it was all a bit strange

Some of it was tinged with hints of stuff from Stephen Baxter's Anti-Ice which I read yesterday evening. Tom lent me it after I complained I mostly found Stephen Baxter novels a bit too hard going. It was rather fun, a sort of steam-punk without the steam. But a bit bleak at the same time. Definitely very enjoyable, thankyou Tom. At a bit of a loose end today, not sure what to read next. Still I've tidied the back garden a bit, done the washing up, put some washing on and had a nice lunch, so I must be doing something right.

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