Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Strange mood

Kind of not really with it. Possibly just tiredness. Possibly just general slight down-ness at the bits of suckiness in my life around the edges. But hey, everyone needs a little angst once in a while. Hopefully things with adw will be improved after the weekend. Equally hopefully I'll get my head round things better once people actually get on and do stuff rather than just talking about it lots :-) It's not really something I can work out how to talk about or even what to think about just yet though, so I shall just remain oblique for now. I'm not really worried about it anyway, just not sure how I'll feel.

Wishing it were the weekend again already though, which isn't a good sign. I do at least have a couple of small projects to do at work this week rather than twiddling my thumbs and feeling bad for not finding stuff to do. And I've decided to cut the few really big volume newsgroups I usually read out entirely. Coming back to over a 1000 articles and basically deciding I couldn't be arsed to sit and be bored reading them did it, I decided I'd far rather just go and do something else. Seems like a good plan so far. Wonder how long it'll be before I give in and re-subscribe? ;-)

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