Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Mad perky mood of doom today, fuck knows where it came from. Perhaps it is merely that while I am shattered I know exactly why I'm tired and I had fun causing it. I'm hungover but cheerful, and it makes a nice change. Had a good time in the pub last night, nice beer, chips, a bit of Bilbo le Hobbit, reasonable showing on the quiz, good fun playing Spot the Difference and Nicola intruduced us to Battleships too, which is an entertaining variant on the standard sort of quiz machine quiz. Slight maudlin spot just before I left, but it passed, and the rest of the evening was fun too.

CDs in the UMS today as well, which I bought from ucam.adverts.forsale a few weeks back and have been waiting eagerly for every since. Great fun stuff, Elastica and Primal Scream listened to so far and definitely good buys. Tesco due tonight, and I might pop along to the pub after or I might get an early night instead.

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