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Worked from home yesterday, at least partly because I just couldn't face going into the office, which is not a good thing. I did however get some good stuff done, even if it was mostly fire-fighting, so overall it was probably for the best. Also ripped lots of CDs. By last night I was getting a bit carried away I think. We've had to expand the music partition, there are now over 3000 tracks taking up around 16GB and about 35 CDs left to rip. Also decided yesterday to get back on track with the eating, which is in fact much easier to do at home, but had a good sin free day with lots of nice food.

Back into the office today with not enough sleep for an early meeting. Most of it was spent discussing things I don't really have much input on: what to do if the machine running our primary nameserver breaks (as it did yesterday) and what on earth to do about the bunch of machines in the DPO which have exploding capacitors. Apparently it sounds more exciting than it is. More good sensible food for lunch. Spent the afternoon nearly falling asleep and didn't get much pro-active stuff done but the day-to-day stuff is ticking away nicely and I think I've been keeping an eye on things OK which Caroline is away too.

Swimming after work. Was initially unsure I really wanted to be there but swam a good 24 lengths in the end, with much pottering about towards the end of the session. Nice to see the others there too, especially Rachel. Thence off to the Carlton, spotted a moderately safe dinner (Cajun chicken, new spuds, salad), and then our team (me, Becky, and two friends from her work) proceeded to just sneak into first place in the quiz. Celebrated this with a rather nice free pint of Hoegaarden. Well if you get a free drink you may as well make it an expensive one eh? Popped out briefly to say hi to Jan and August which was nice, daft conversation, and for some reason we ended up considering the possibility of snorting beer. No idea how that could have happened. <innocent look>. Had a nice chat with Jethro as well about the planned bungee jump, which it looks like he's looking forward to. And a nice long talk with Richard and Becky on the sofa once the rest of the indoor crowd had buggered off.

Really a very pleasant relaxing evening and just what I needed.

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