Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Party last night at Christi's (Happy Birthday again!) was great fun even if we left early, nice to meet people again who I'd met at her housewarming and begin to feel like I was getting to know them a bit better. I may even remember all their names if we manage to meet again. And I've added Dippadoom to my list of interests. Perhaps it will indeed become more popular than Marmite. We'll see.

One advantage of parties on a Friday night is that it makes it feel so much like a Saturday, almost like you've got a whole extra day for your weekend. Brilliant. Mowing the lawn on Saturday, er afternoon technically, made it feel even more like a Sunday, but thankfully the rain held off until I'd got all the mowing done and only had to finish raking up.

Headed over to Sion and Jan's in the rain, for the second party of the weekend. Arrived around 2:30, spent the afternoon grilling and BBQing and eating and drinking and laughing and talking and giggling and playing I-have-never and generally having a good time. Managed to confuse E-J by being in the wrong context. Had a massage from Simes which left me feeling rather relaxed, although I'm beginning to ache a little now, perhaps it's all that unaccustomed sitting up straight. Finally got home around 1, which made it quite a long party really! I shall refrain from passing on any gossip and see if it turns up of its own accord. Cute anyway ;-)

Ate lots, but despite adding a square of choc, a pink wafer biscuit and a small amount of Galliano after the point when I'd decided to stop, I've still even got enough sins left for a packet of crisps or something later in the week. In this case non-sin-free sausages turned out to be worse than I expected them to be. I really should have had lunch before I went or tried harder to find lumps of meat to take with me.

And hey, I still have Sunday left. Definitely a good weekend.

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