Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

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One for jdc and marna


Pleasant evening in last night watching The Crow and eating pizza. Can't believe Mike hadn't seen it before, but perhaps it was popular before his time. Slept all through the night for the second night running, much to my surprise. Am feeling almost like a human being again, which is wonderful.

So far today have upgraded X, ripped a few CDs, boggled at one which just won't talk to my drive, despite being fine in rjk's, put up some fly killing sunflower shaped stickers, and taken the box collection out to the garage and reorganised in there to make more sense of the space.

No B5 today, and no sign of anything happening this evening yet. Have to see if anything turns up. Will spend the day reading I suspect. Though I shall have to try hard not to get caught up in "Bilbo le hobbit" which appeared yesterday. I only picked it up briefly and had a flick through and ended up halfway through the first chapter smiling. Will maybe go for that once I've finished the Ken Macleods. Though I still doubt I'm up to the LOTR just yet.
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