Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Christ I'm tired

Not pub was probably the right answer. Putting the dinner on at least an hour earlier would have been good. The stoo had stunning gravy but the veg were still a bit crunchy and the meat wasn't getting anywhere near being melt-in-the-mouth. Have put the remains in a smaller casserole dish and back in the oven for another hour though, so at least when I get round to eating it as leftovers later it'll be more like the real thing. That's two sets of good gravy in as many meals cooked. Gosh.

That's about as exciting as this evening gets. Feeling zogged and a bit out of it as a result. Nethack game going well, mines cleared, have found Fort Ludicrous, found portal to quest too though not quite up for it yet. More bags of holding than I know what to do with, but hey, it's better than none. It's been a moderately jammy game. Aligned altar on DL2, OKish armour from the mines, and a random find of speed boots, the giant bookshop on level 2 was definitely a lucky thing though, especially with the first identify I got IDing the lot. Don't really fancy playing any more tonight though, I'll only fuck it up.

Re-reading Ken Macleod's Cosmonaut Keep, since I can't recall much of the series so thought it was wise tor efresh myself on the first two before starting the third one. And in fact am off to get through some more of it now.

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