Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Doctor's appointment

Running over half an hour late, but got to see Dr perry eventually. He agreed more happy pills were a good thing, so more have been prescribed. Volunteered to prescribe no-baby pills too, and took blood pressure to go with them. Still 140/90 which is really borderline. He says if I smoked he'd want to take me off the pill, but as it is it's just about OK. Picked up some valerian based herbal things in the chemist that are supposed to help calm me and help me sleep too. I should double check they're OK with the fluoxetine. Not much more to say about it really. Asked if I wanted to be signed off work for a bit, but I'm not sure it would help much, and if Caroline's away it would leave them a bit in the lurch atm. Back in a month anyway. So nothing much changed really, but maybe the pills will help.

Spent the evening so far on the phone to Ricky, nice to catch each other up on gossip even if it is 5 years out of date. SHould think about dinner at some point but have had too many crisps. And could contemplate pub, but August was talking about being back this evening so maybe that's not a good plan.

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