Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Wimped out

Much as I would have loved to be at Marna's birthday party I've asked rjk to make my apologies, I'm just too physically and emotionally tired to cope with sleeping on the floor, at whatever hour it becomes quiet enough to do so, and then getting up at 9 to get back to Cambridge reliably for lunchtime. Could go to Sarah's party instead, or could have gone to a gig with Jan if I'd been organised an hour or two ago, but to be honest I think a quiet night in on my own will be nice. Shame the local corner shop only does rental vids not DVDs, but I'm sure I can find something crap on telly or read a book, and I've stocked up on junk food in the process of checking it out.

I hope you have a good one marna, and Richard remembers to pass on hugs from me.

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