Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Baby steps

Pub quiz last night helped cheer me up. So did talking to Jan, though I feel a bit crap about that since partly I feel better for knowing that she's being treated badly too and that it's not just me. I hope just having someone to talk to about it helped though, even if I suspect it's not really that much use. It was lovely to see Richard having a nice time too. Even if their team did beat ours to come second, leaving us in a pretty respectable third place. Talking to Paul yesterday helped too, and to M by email. And I think just being at home today, so I can more comfortably fill the time when I have nothing to do. No sign of TV yet but it's early days. They're all little things on their own, but put together they make a big difference and I'm not feeling hopeless any more. Still should go see doctor about it though.

Need to decide between pub again tonight (would be nice to see Steve, since he's up in the area today) or staying in with the port and the nice cheese and the remains of the chocolates and watching (fingers crossed) something on the new telly.

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