Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Wiped out

Nice party at tony's in the end, though we arrived quite late compared to others at only 6ish. Didn't drink as much as I could have, but was just too shattered. Too much sad news from too many quarters. But nice to see K&M looking perky, and lovely to see Kat and Mike again, and Mark Murray too, and meet various other people I'd not met before as well as the usual crowd. An interminable game of drunken bridge that was obviously frustrating Sarah, since we just weren't bidding well enough or quickly enough. Nice to play though. More bridge players around than last I looked, will have to try get another game together at some point. And Capt Jack Sparrow the kitten is very cute indeed.

Feeling just dead on my feet now. Emotionally exhausted more than anything else, though I guess it's late. Hope I did my bit to help where I could though.

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