Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
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Haven't felt much like writing anything for a few days. Been vaguely feeling like no-one is likely to be interested anyway so there didn't seem much point. Anyway, to catch up.

Bike ride on Sunday was excellent if hot. A big thanks to everyone who sponsored me, I raised 111.90 on the paper form and have raised around 40 quid online. Finished it in pretty good time, enjoyed the atmosphere, struggled up the hills and whizzed back down the other side of them. All in all it was good fun.

Took Monday off work to recover, since my knees were still aching, but back to work on Tusday feeling much better. Mostly spent Tuesday catching up on a week and a half of backlog. Now I've got a couple of extra little projects to keep me busy. The first of these being a bit of messing around with some DNS handling modules for Perl.

Outside work I've been enjoying the weather: both the extreme heat and sunshine over the weekend and the extreme rain yesterday. Today is a bit of a non-entity and hence less interesting. Having a terribly well behaved week as far as the slimming is concerned, which is a bit hard work. Pizza on Friday was a bad plan in retrospect and I should have saved those sins up to enjoy for the rest of the week instead. Not convinced it's helping much as I feel rather fat and bloated today. Still plugging my way through the Tad Williams slowly but surely and still enjoying it. It's probably a bit bloated too but still. Also read the first Mallory Towers book on Monday, borrodwed from Jan. Definitely not bloated and a nice bit of good clean fun :-)

Rjk still hasn't heard anything from the Sanger people. Which is a bad sign really. Trying not to think about it too much, but if they are going to turn him down I hope they're faster with the rejection letter than the Uni was. Fed up completely with the job market at the moment. Trying not to let it get me down too much though.

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