Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Driving me up the wall

Gah, theory test questions have changed since beginning of July this year, so I will need to practice on new theory questions. I don't have a copy of these, and if I want to do them on the BSM site I have to pay L5.99 for the privilege. And their site won't work to sell me it anyway at the moment. So basically at this rate I'm going to end up buying an expensive book full of questions which are probably mostly the same as the previous lot and which if it's any use at all will be no longer needed after next Monday.

And that's on top of the hazard perception test bit too. And of course I'll be taking the practical after Sept 1st, so there's new bits of theory you have to do with the instructor before the test there too. And will any of this actually make me a better driver when I'm done than Richard, who didn't have to do any of it? Will it fuck.

Update: ah, did manage to buy it. Requires shockwave player though, which apparently is only available for windows and Macs, silly me for presuming it would be available for linux too the way the flash plugin is. So can't actually practice until I either reboot or get back to work tomorrow.
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