Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Back from up north

First a meme, though without the vile colour:

lnr is happy.
You're a rosy-cheeked ray of f'ing sunshine 24/7. I bet you smile a lot and little things don't get you down. Must be nice. Fuchsia's definitely your color.

Mostly nice weekend. Bad moments due to rjk being too tired to do anything, and being asked if I'd sent my mum a birthday present, because they were surprised I hadn't. When in fact I'd sent the flowers my sisters asked me to arrange as a joint present from all of us, and then didn't mention they were also intending to buy her other presents too. And apparently they were really crap flowers too. Next time they ask me to organise a joint present I think I shall decline and make my own plans instead. And I give up on sending flowers from online places: they're either ridiculously overpriced if they're nice, or utterly shit if they're cheap.

Weekend mostly characterised by trains, films and food. Trains slow (why oh why the bank holiday weekend for track maintenance?) food lovely. Feeling just tired and irritable now though. Nice to see Steph in the month she's back in the country. Spain next. Sounds nice. Emily and John staying too, so it was a bit of a houseful. Saturday afternoon spent watching the Two Towers on Em's shiny new DVD player. Various others over on Sunday for a family party. Jon and Caroline with 2.5 year old Jacob and 2.5 month old Anna, both remarkably well behaved. Tom and new wife Diana who I hadn't met before and who seemed very nice. Grandma and Grandad and cousin Alistair in geek tshirt. And next door neighbour Alma. Alistair stayed the night and we watched Training Day on DVD before bed, which was really an excellent film, if not terribly cheery. And a lovely Sunday-roast style meal today before heading home again: yorkshire puddings and all.

Briefly explained to my mum the reason I was so unhappy a couple of weeks back (the breakup with August, she already knew about Jan becuase I'd found that more possible to talk about on the phone). She's mostly just glad to see me a bit better than I sounded then. Thinks we should just go back to being a "normal couple" though, and by intent rather than just by happenstance. I don't think she ever really understood. Not that Richard seems at all interested in anyone else at the moment anyway.

Found time to read the first third of The Handmaids Tale while I was there too, having finshed the Scar on the train on the way up. Was disconcerting slightly since it was my sister's A-level English copy, and rather scribbled on. Forget to bring it with me when we left, so will have to go buy my own.

No chiark now we're back of course, due to upgrades being done. And the chinese place we're trying to order dinner from seems permanently engaged. I do just feel like I really can't be arsed though. *shrug*. Not so perky as that meme would suggest. But I'll do. Kind of have to.

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