Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Viruses and dancing and weight

Sobig.F is making a complete nuisance of itself, so many copies of it, plus lots of bounces, stripped ones which are still send on (how pointless is that?), people complaining to the forged sender etc etc. It does make it feel like I might actually be doing something useful at work though at the moment, which is cool.

Didn't stay to class last night but came home and made dinner for me and Emma and rjk before Simon kindly gave us all a lift to the calling. Only half a pound put back on this week, which is the one I lost last week, so could have been much worse. Over the four weeks or so since I moved class I've had a really hectic social life which has made it hard to keep up with eating carefully, but overall I've stayed around the same weight, so when I look at it like that I guess it gives me hope for getting back where I want to be eventually and being able to enjoy myself and stay there when I get there.

Calling was good fun, music seemed more to my taste than last I was there, was lovely to see neko-boy and new cat looking so perky. Raarrrr! Jo's hard work was very impressive. Talked to Davefish and Andrew and people as well, and got to say hi to Jan and August which was nice. Rjk seemed to cope OK, though not perfectly. I hope overall he had an OK time, but I guess there's only so much I can do. I did have a pretty good time though. And beginning to be more positive about coping better overall. Danced lots anyway, well, moderately lots, it felt like lots given I was tired. Hopefully managed to cheer Simon up a bit too. And nice to see John as well. Ran away moderately early by my standard since I was shattered and had to be in the office early today.

Looks like things have finally quietened down here enough to write this and then go find some lunch anyway. *phew* Best thing about yesterday though was the pact I made with myself first thing to try and get through the day without giving up and crying. And though there were a couple of points where I had to remind myself of it and try hard I did succeed. And that's just cool. No I'm still not terribly happy all round, but maybe I'm beginning to get a handle on it.

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