Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Friday: spent sewing, producing a pink ladies jacket from a rather vile pink blouse I bough on Cambridge market for £2.50. Started when I got home, carried on at the Carlton (with a brief break to eat dinner) and the continued at Simes and E-J's while watching (more listening to in my case) hair, and finally finished it by about 1am once I got home.

Saturday: up early, 3 changes of outfit before I found something that wasn't uncomfortable and horrible looking. sleeping back and makeup packed, off to catch the train. Did makeup thereon and arrived at Emily's (Emma's friend who was organising the hen night) around 1:45ish having been delayed by the bit of circle line I wanted to use being shut. Met Emily, hugged Emma hello and gave her the present I'd brought, which apparently will perfectly match her dress which is cool Also met Jeanine and Allison and then headed off to the theatre to meet S-J and Pen. This was our merry band for most of the evening.

Was surprised to find the audience for Grease was quite empty, and that no-one else seemed to have dressed up much, but still had great fun singing and bopping along. Interesting to see where the stage show is different from the film. Rizzo was fabulous. Though being 3 inches taller than Kenickie was a bit funny. The speaking voices of most of the actors were a bit irritating since they were very whiney fake american accents, but the annoyance wore off once you got into the story. And yes, I cried, so sue me. At least my eyeliner didn't run.

Walked off towards Leicester Square by a route which went along Pall Mall, and stopped to listen to the Thoresby Colliery Brass Band and sit and giggle in the sunshine. Emma had already been subjected to a veil with flashing "bride to be" sign on the front of it, and at this point the rest of us were handed deely-boppers with pink, purple or white fluff, silvery tinsel-like bits and silver glitter stars on. Wearing these all night got us lots of attention, and Emma threatened to die of embarrassment a couple of times, but mostly it was fun. Stopped again to climb the lions in trafalgar square, then made it to leicester square for dinner and *far* too many cocktails in Chiquitos. The food was OK, the cocktails were great, the streamers and things were fun, was nice to talk to people over the food and all in all it was a nice meal. Even if the bill made us all cringe afterwards. Played half a game of pass the parcel with dares in before we left, and one of the nearby tables applauded us on the way out, not sure if this was for our style or out of sheer relief at us being gone.

Next to Covent Garden, where we sat on a bench and finished the pass-the-parcel while listening to a rather pleasant busker. Various people came over and said hello, including one guy with a deckchair who said he was a stripper and was only just dissuaded from demonstrating. He seemed most impressed by us all anyway. The most fun dare as far as I was concerned was "put on scarlet lipstick and kiss as many people as you can in one minute" - though I did insist on asking their permission first, which slowed me down but made sure it was all good natured and hopefully not making anyone feel awkward.

The club we were going to head to next had recent dance music on, instead of the 60s to 90s cheese we were hoping for, so instead we wandered up the Charing Cross Road to Bar Salsa to have some dancing. Pen and S-J left us at this point to head back to Brighton, as they had to be there to open the church for the 9:30 service the next day! The rest of us found ourselves dancing with the shortest sleaziest blokes I've ever met in a club. You can see why they go there, since it's easy to just accept when you're asked for a dance, and the dancing is really rather raunchy if you're not careful, but it was fun. Nice just to make a little circle of the five of us a bit later on as well though, and just dance with each other instead. Jeanine in particular was really impressive at the dancing, really throwing herself into it, despite having never done it before.

After that we kind of wilted, because it was too hot, and headed back to Emily's flat to bed. Over the course of the evening several people asked what we were dressed up for, obviously never having encountered hen nights before, some people asked for photos, some wanted to know if it was someone's birthday, lots asked who was the bride (as if the veil didn't give it away) and it was all rather entertaining. Awfully cheesy, and not something I'd want to do all the time, but good natured fun, and well done to Emily for all her hard work. We all had disposable cameras to hand, and I hope I get to see the pics at some point where they're developed.

The wedding itself is on December 20th in Durham, but the bride living in the states wanted to have the hen night now, since they're only going to be back in the country a couple of days before the actual event, and she was worried they wouldn't have time.

Sunday: up early, ug. Hadn't slept too well due to hard floor. Emma, Jeanine and I all heading back to Oxford, so pottered across town to get the bus together, so obviously we had to be still wearing our silly headgear. And I still had it on when I got to Angel and Greyhound meadow to join the smallclanger tatmeet. Present were Jacqui, Ian, smallclanger himself, Amanda before she went off to revise her thesis (viva on Weds), Janet, myself, Kate and J-P, Rejs, Art, Simon Cozens, David Sheldon, a brief appearance from Kake before she had to get back to London for bug fixing, and Sion, and we were joined late on by Chris and Kathryn. It was a jolly occasion, deely-boppers tried on by just about everyone, poi played with, wine and beer and pop drunk and much food eaten, baby admired and cuddled. Lovely way to spend the afternoon. And then Sion gave me and Jan a lift home, whereupon I slept nearly all of the way due to be shattered.

And rjk is a sweetheart and I come home to a working fast computer and a lovely tidy desk. Thanks love.

I think I'm just about ready for the weekend now.

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