Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Yesterday evening, computers and pubs

Pottered around tidying up bits of paperwork last night while rjk installed the new disk in sfere, then cooked dinner while he got it working. Rang Emily and sang happy birthday at her answerphone, and then had a chat when she called back. Sounded like a nice day: health spa in the morning with my mum (birthday treat for both of the) with a very nice lunch, then off bowling in the evening once my dad was home from work with Steph and Em's boyfriend John in tow too. And then on their way home for homemade lasagne (Em's favourite) for tea.

Rjk'd just about got things to the stage where he could start copying data when dinner was ready. Nice pasta sauce, getting better at making them actually taste interesting. Worcester sauce and paprika being the added extra ingredients in last night's. After that I headed off to the pub. Handed out random bits and pieces like sweeties and had a bit of a natter over a pint of coke. Was odd when the conversation turn to architecture, realised I only know any of the names being bandied about at all because my Emily is so keen. Wonder if she'll ever go back to studying it?

Jan was feeling horribly poorly though, with what was obviously an appalling headache, and decided to ead home. She was looking so poorly and fed up though that I volunteered to walk with her, and stayed and had a chat while we found peppermint tea and codeine and water. Hope she's feeling better today, and that the break from everything over the weekend will do her good. Left her to go to bed and got back to the pub just after last orders, so I could rescue my bag before they closed. Was sad to have missed August: I'd have said goodnight before I left but thought people would still be there when I got back. Figured there wasn't a lot of point staying any longer with nothing to drink, and I might as well get back and see how things were progressing.

Arrived home to find a living room full of computers. Very full of computers. Both my machines with their tops off side-by-side on the coffee table, sfere still on its side behind the sofa. Boxes and bits and screws everywhere. He'd more or less got the motherboard into the case by that point, and by the time we went to bed it also had heatsink/fan, floppy, memory, videocard and network card and had power vaguely connected to relevant bits. Got sfere running on its new disk this morning, and it seemed to be working OK when I left, so it looks like I'll be able to steal the old disk when I get home and we can put it in my machine, connect the two old disks too temporarily and see if it boots :-) Then it's a case of copying lots of data (not as much as sfere, I don't have a random gig of mp3s and oggs) and seeing if we can get Windows happy to boot off the new disk too.

Bumped into an ex-colleague on the way into work today, nice to find out what the old place is up to. Looks like they're moving offices out of CUP in September (contract runs out) then gradually handing over most of the work to Blackwells, who are farming it out to India, and most of them will be made redundant in October. Have to pop in and say hi before then. Was wondering how it was going since all this was just beginning to be in the pipeline when I left.

Lunch with Richard today, and I shall have to see what I can find in the way of outfit for tomorrow, and maybe a present for Emma.

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