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Magic disappearing driving licence. Paul kindly gave me a lift home to pick it up so I could go to my theory test this evening in less of a rush. But it has vanished. I tried my filing tray downstairs, and the one upstairs, and Richard's and every flat surface, and under the sofa and under cushions, under my computers (old and new) even in the cupboard full of cookery books and in the pile of slimming magazines. Can't find it anywhere.

Oh well, it's only 15 quid, serve me right for being useless, and amusingly 2 mins after we walked in the front door my amazon delivery turned up, and saved me a trip to bar hill to pick it up later. Apparently he always does that bit of town from around 1:30pm, might be useful to know. Gave Paul a chocolate for his troubles, and had one myself (well, they'd got damaged in transit, obviously they needed eating right?) and grabbed the CDs from the amazon order to bring in to work with me for this afternoon, and I'll be able to get more done after all.

Lunch with Jan was nice anyway, but in line with today being a bit of a disaster zone all told I was 45 mins late: I'd just got so completely tied up in work I'd not noticed the time. And made a hell of a mess of ringing her to apologise, I didn't know my phone did call waiting and we both got awfully confused and ended up hanging up on each other. Nice food anyway and nice to sit and talk and have a hug. And August walked past just as I was about to leave and popped in to day hi, which was cool. And he even had my book and CD with him too, so I shall probably listen to that as well. Mmmmm Preacher Boy and Eliza Carthy. Keep getting urges to use Preach lyrics as siglines again, bad girl, no biscuit, they're all far too pessimistic.

Still feeling a bit weepy on and off, think it's just too many things all at once and running round like a mad thing while this tired. Then again I can't think of a day I can definitely say I didn't burst into tears at some point for a while. Maybe Monday. Can't think of anything on Monday. That's not really a good sign is it? Oh well, life etc etc... The sun is shining, it's not too hot, good music, things could be much worse.

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