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Bit of an odd night out. Really nice meal with really nice wine and good company, plus 1.5 puddings, yay!

The service was a little slow throughout the meal, which was a shame, but we reached the end and wanted to get the bill, and all three of the waiting staff were standing round the till in deep conversation and not once did they look in our direction while we were tying to catch their attention. Having already got up and walked over earlier when our dessert wine hadn't appeared Ian was getting a bit frustrated at this point and didn't want to have to get up again, so resorted to making a loud noise with a spoon against a glass in order to attract their attention. At this point I was about to die of embarrassment anyway, but the waitress actually came over and *told him off* for being "incredibly rude" which while true just made the whole thing much worse than it otherwise would have been and left me wandering off to the loo in tears because I just couldn't cope. Not *quite* the ending to the meal I'd been looking for.

And then on the way home a bunch of drunk people cycling the wrong way up Trinity Street decided to pick a fight with us for having the cheek to be *walking* in the middle of it (in the same direction). They started rude, and got ruder when told they were going the wrong way. One of them shoved Richard on the way past, and since presumably Richard was already pissed off by this point he shoved back and the other guy fell over and then got *really* cross and started brandishing a bottle.

So then we've got me on one side, and this guys mates on the other trying to calm the thing down, Richard cycling off to safety, Ian going off and calling the police in rather shaken sort of way, and the guy being louder and louder and shouting at me because I was the only one still there trying to fix anything about his back wheel not going round properly any more and demanding Richard come back and pay for it. He wouldn't admit he'd started it, but then him mate got the wheel spinning again, so I just kind of concluded with "look it's fixed, no damage, lets all just forget about it" and left. One of his mates came over as I was leaving and apologised for the guy being drunk and obnoxious, which I thought was pretty good of him.

Caught Ian up at phone box (he hadn't thought to use his mobile :-) and persuaded him all was well and we all wandered off back to Relativity for a coffee, with a stop for a chat with Jan and Dan when we bumped into them en route, but *really*. I'm mildly bemused by the way people react to these things to be honest, since everyone else seemed to handle it completely differently to me. But no actually it *wasn't* the best way to make me feel better after the end of dinner. Oh well. Box of chocs for me in the post when I got home, and apparently my latest Amazon order has now shipped too. Lunch with Jan to look forward to. Away early to do driving theory test this evening, need to go home first as I forgot to bring my driving licence in this morning. Ring Em to say happy birthday, find dinner of some sort, make an appearance at the pub at least for a bit since I feel I kind of have to now, and well I do need to actually see people. And then maybe some time to put my new computer together.

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