Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Good things
- dinner with Ian and Clare tomorrow
- having lunch with Jan on Thursday
- elb's hen night and tatmeet at the weekend
- dinner with SGT next week
- the weather being cooler but still pretty
- The Scar - nearly halfway through now, ages since I've read anything so fast
- new computer due soon
- new telly due soon too

Bad things
- weight, especially given half the good things above
- work
- dissertation
- feeling awkward with Jan
- coming to terms with the fact that things are *over*, and the implication that I should just deal OK

And despite the fact the former list is much longer, and half of them occurred to me while I was writing this and that ought to have made me feel better right?, the bad stuff is *really* weighing on me.

Need to send a couple of cards, and a present. Keep forgetting to bring Em's address to work and don't have sensible computer at home. *Must* do something about it either tonight or tomorrow morning.

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