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Actually it's probably not quite that bad.

Got to B-movie bright and early last night, and left pretty bright and early in the end around 10:30, as Richard was completely wilting in the heat. My cunning plan to wear as lttle as possible turned out to be even cunninger when I realised I could in fact just wear even less and hence did so. for some reason this was the exact moment RDD's camera appeared. Wonder how that happened eh? It *was* awfully hot though, and given how zogged we were by the time we got home it was probably wise.

Bit of a lie in this morning, though rjk had more, and then pottered round making bbq food (veg kebabs, spicy bean burgers, couscous salad) and putting washing on and hanging it out and so on. When rjk got up he kindly prodded my computer lots before deciding it's probably either the mobo or cpu which is broken and then even more kindly spent the afternoon speccing a new machine for me. It's certainly not an expense I would have gone to if the current machine hadn't died, but it will be nice to have something a bit nippier. I shall have to see how much of it I can afford to pay for myself. I don't mind free hand-me-down computers from Richard, but letting him pay for a brand new one is different. Guess it's a sensible use for some of my savings anyway perhaps. In the meantime I am doing a little geeking from the console of the main server downstairs, but not too much as this is text only, and LJ comments are impossible to keep up with when you don't have tab browsing. Getting better at driving lynx
with LJ anyway at least, though I apologise for any typos and formatting gaffs, it's a bit hard to go back and fix things. (Ed: except now I've remembered how to tell it to edit the content of text boxes in emacs instead, so I'm gong through and fixing it.

Was going to go over to Christi's this evening, but we had to pick up bikes from where we had left them at nCipher yesterday first. Got the bus as far as town where we were then left sitting in a boiling hot bus on emma street waiting for the relief driver who was supposed to be on his way to turn up. After 10 minutes of this we gave up and walked the rest of the way, by which time rjk was looking and feeling like death warmed up, so we cycled home instead, and it took him a good hour or so to shift his headache. Old rosie would have been a bad plan.

Feeling a bit rough myself too, though not as much. More mood problems than physical. Just ended up so upset earlier because it's got to the stage where none of the clothes I wanted to wear actually fit any more. Which is just too miserable for words. It doesn't even really make for good motivation though, since I do feel like I'm stuck forever trying to eat properly all the time because if I turn my back for just a few weeks I end up getting too fat for my clothes again. It just seems unfair, when other people don't have to do it. But I guess it was me who decided I wanted to be slim in the first place and I do want to, so I have to live with what it takes to do that.

Also realised I was actually *scared* of going to said party because of who might be there. Have to get over that one somehow. Can't avoid people for fear of getting upset forever.

We seem to have managed to do a good job of cooling the house down this evening though, and it's actually rather pleasant in here. Might go have a nice cool bath before bedtime anyway. And another lazy day tomorrow. Jus feel so so tired. Wonder how long before we have a telly and a new computer anyway?

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