Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Thanks for the questions marna

What book(s) are you reading, currently? Right this instant, none. At home Carol Shields "unless", and "Inventing the Victorians" (author forgotten). I tend not to have lots on the go at once.

What music is playing? What other sounds can you hear? None. The sound of mine and John's typing, the whirr of my computer fan, not much else.

Look at the screen in front of you. What apps have you got open? What's running in the background? Immediately in front of me is Mozilla, maximised. In the background I have an xwin32 session running. Inside that there are 6 xterms and an emacs. Inside some of the xterms are an irc client, VM (home email), Pine (work email) and trn.

What was the last thing you ate? Drank? I last ate a couple of mouthfuls of dinner last night. I last drank lots of water. See below.

What are you wearing? Black sandals, black M&S undies, strappy black dress with velvet trim from Next bought cheap on the market.

Where are you? At work, at home? What room are you in? In my office (room 40, CUED) at work.

What are you meant to be doing? I'm just finishing up the routine stuff before I go home. I should have finished it a bit ago really. Mostly spam filtering.

Sniff! Sniff! What can you smell? Nothing.

Who was the last person you spoke to in person? On the phone? Online? How long ago was it? Spoke to Paul this morning, he came in to see my hair. Mumbled at John this afternoon. On the phone I talked to my mum last night. Online I've been talking to rjk and sion and jan on irc all afternoon.

What's the last thing you bought in a shop? Over the interweb? In a shop, a bottle of water this morning. On the interweb, well rjk bought the telly, so probably the French books I just ordered, though they won't be delivered until December.

Are you feeling ill or achy or otherwise not well? Definitely gyppy tummy, which I am trying to make better by not feeding it. I hope this is merely a coincidence and not related to my did in the cam. Otherwise I'm physically OK but still mentally tired and fed up.

Are you wearing any jewellery? A watch? Hair things? Makeup? Something else that is not clothes? Two rings, 5 earrings, belly button stud, nose stud, chipped black nail varnish. I think that's the lot. Sunglasses on the desk.

Are you sitting comfortably? Fairly. Office chairs are pretty good. Had my feet crossed too long though and they're going to sleep

I guess it must be nearly time to go home and see how much damage I've done in terms of weight gain. *snip* whinge. Every time I try whinge I write stuff and then realise I don't actually want to say it, because it's just pathetic.
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