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Met the kittens at Emma Street around 2:30 and various people made forays to fetch provisions. When we finally decided we'd all gathered there appeared to be 11 of us (me, rjk, Marna, Sean, Ali, Duncan, Doop, Andrew, David Damerell and tow chaps I don't really know called Mark and Chris). Pottered down to Scudamores and hired two punts in rather less time than had seemed likely given the queue and set off upriver.

rjk and David punting initially, then Ali had a go on the other punt and doop took over ours for a while and Chris proved to us that bridge jumping isn't that hard to do (if your driver is co-operating) and then he had a go with the pole too. No-one else in the other punt seemed to want a try so I switched punts to let David have a break, and did surprisingly well, all the hints seem to have helped. Chris got some expert tuition from David (two people on the platform makes punts very back-heavy) and they finally caught us up.

By this point I'm two glasses of wine and one of Pimms down, and having a go on the swing when we reach it seemed fun. (Duncan has photos showing just how useless I was at staying above the waterline). But hey, what are bikinis for. Rafted together for a while after that until rjk dropped the pole and it was easier to split up and let the other punt go back for it, and then at some point I decided I felt like a swim. I was the only one who'd sensibly dressed with this in mind, but the others didn't let it stop them and joined me in the water, mostly with undies as swimming gear, but in jeans in David's case. That must be really quite hard work. Swimming was good fun though, and Duncan seems to have taken a few photos of that too before he came and joined us himself. Nice to see a spectrum of shades of hair from bright red through bright pinky purple, then dark purple to black. And all sparkling in the sunshine.

Instead of trying to get back into the punts we moored up at this point for a picnic, and lazed on the grass eating bread and cheese and pixie sticks and chocolate PIE. Which was excellent. Better than that even. Then it was time to punt back again and I ended up swimming a fair bit of the way back as well, which was seriously good exercise and good fun too, even when the punts tried to run us over. Chris had another go at punting back down and was definitely getting quite good at it. And Andrew and Mark both proved they were competant punters at various points too. Caught the sun a little while we were out there, but it doesn't seem to have been too serious at least. A day or two and I'll just be looking very brown again.

Once we got back we wandered over to the regal to meet people for drinks, and stayed to have some dinner too, before wobbling home to pick up bike lights, have a change of clothes to something more partyish, and find another bottle to take along to Kirsten's party. By this point I was getting seriously quite fuzzy, though not in a bad way. But I recall at the very least arriving, complimenting Kirsten's hair, meeting people I hadn't met before, and introducing myself to people I'd met but not really spoken to. Rachel in particular seemed very pleased to meet me as I said last night, and indeed I was rather pleased to meet her too. I think perhaps we may have both been a little drunk.

Anyway then half the party piled in the paddling pool and stayed there until we ran out of extra hot water and started getting cold. Chatted to some of the more usual suspects after that, and played with the poi a bit and watched Colin and Clare have a go too, she seemed to be getting the hang of it quite well. Really do need to learn to do something more interesting with them. David arrived and only told me off a little for giving him my phone number and then leaving the phone at home. All was well with the world. Oh yes and at some point there was cake. And you had to watch out for the sticks in the cherries. Pottered off home shattered around 2.

As for today, woke at 5:30 and took painkillers for the hangover, woke again around 8ish or so and *censored* before getting a bit more sleep and eventually getting up around 11. Feeling a little delicate today and a lot tired, but very pleasantly so. I think today will be a somewhat quiet day really, and I can worry about sorting out the housework tomorrow.

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