Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Oops ;-)

I appear to have put on 5 lbs this week, to take me back up to 12 stone 7 and a total of 2 stone 9 lost. Some of this is due to having eaten a fairly large dinner just before being weighed, but the rest isn't entirely unexpected. I aim to lose it all next week, though this may well not happen as I don't tend to lose that much at once. I'm not feeling particularly fatter than I was, and my new shorter hair (not mentioned here before because I wanted to surprise people) has been getting good reactions. Photos of it in ewx's recent entry for the cocktail party.

In other news I seem to have a slightly dodgy tummy which is not good but might help with the resolution to eat better this week. Must try get out on my bike again tomorrow and put in another 20-30 practise miles. Had an entertaining afternoon going through all the clothes that don't fit, reserving two pairs of trousers and a dress to hold up once I reach my target weight for before and after purposes, giving most of the rest to Karen and putting the last few bits and pieces in a bag for a charity shop. I now have very empty drawers! Mostly a nice day and a nice evening in the pub. And I'm glad I stayed to class tonight even though I hadn't been planning to because it was lovely to see how well everyone had done after last weeks misery. Hats off to Roy in particular for losing 9 lbs!

Looks like Vicky will be too busy for lunch tomorrow which is a shame. Must see if S&J are up for something in the evening. Maybe we can go round and go oooh over their new double-glazing :-) We can all be slightly middle-aged together.

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