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Lazy days

Nice evening in the pub last night. Spent much time talking to Simont. Some of his colleague from ARM were in the pub too (it really does seem to have turned into a standard geek haunt, I'm not quite sure if it was 4 or 5 distinct groups of geeks there over the course of the evening). Neil seemed nice, and has very silly socks. Jon also seemed nice, but I could see why some people were finding him irritating. Ate soup and chips and had one half of Hoegaarden as well as lots of diet coke. Walked home with Richard after closing time and got a moderately early night.

Got up when he did this morning, and geeked for a while before having breakfast followed by a long bubble bath with Harry Potter (oo-er). Violet flavour bubbles, lime and ginger flavour body scrub, unscented soap, dandruff shampoo, and honey and gingseng conditioner left me smelling rather muddled, especially with added hair wax later. Painted my nails and generally felt rather pampered, then had a large and sin free lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon geeking too. I like days like these. And the plan is for takeaway chinese when Richard gets home.

Still not decided what to do tomorrow, so I suspect I'll probably be defaulting to staying in Cambridge. What was that about punting in the afternoon Ali?

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