Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

mmm, holiday

Pottered round the house and geeked and did a jigsaw yesterday, as well as finishing the last of my free Mills & Boon novels. Well, started the jigsaw, long way to go yet, I haven't even found all of the edge.

23 miles to Sawston and back on the bike this morning, mostly to see if it would be even vaguely sensible cycling distance. I guess "just about" is the answer, about 10.5 miles there if you don't fart about round all the little villages for an extra 3 miles the way I did on the way out. It's all very badly signposted!

Expecting Lucy some time soon and looking forward to a little party this evening as a result. Might get round to making some pizza. Then again might not :-)
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