Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

A pleasant Saturday

Up fairly early after a pleasant lie-in, having woken before the alarm. RJK wandered off into town to buy a new tax disc, while I stayed home and had bacon and eggs for brunch and waited for Tesco to arrive, which of course they did as soon as I sat down to eat it. Over to simon's for B5, 3 entertaining episodes. And the home to make burgers and potato salad to take over to E-J's birthday party.

A very nice party it was too, didn't quite drink all of my bottle of wine, did have a bit of birthday cake which was yummy, and didn't last long. Kitty insistent I should come down to London some time soon. Corset admired, tightened, admired even more, loosened a couple of times over the hours and then finally abandoned. It is a little on the too small side for me really at the moment, which I guess isn't a surprise since it was a perfect fit at my thinnest. Lots of other people looking very pretty and dressed up too, Karen's boots are scrummy. Nice food, nice company, leapt in the spa later (to much wowing at the bikini, which made me feel rather self conscious). It was really nice out there, amazed I haven't tried it more, shame it wasn't really a night for star gazing. Back indoors for a rather pleasant cuddle with Mike on the sofa before it was time to get properly dressed again and come home. And everything is covered in glitter.

Kind of wishing I had gone for the London-Cmabridge ride today, but there was no way I could have got to Midsummer Common by six this morning. I do hope my parents don't snaffle me for the weekend JDC wants to do Oxford-Cambridge. And I do wish there were more gaps in the calendar, I really need a rest.

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