Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Had a nice day off on Friday. Lunch with Jan and Richard at the Crown and Punchbowl in Horningsea. Definitely more hotal&restaurant than pub really, but excellent if not cheap! Got home eventually despite the car playing silly buggers and not wanting to start (seems to be heat related) and when rjk's parents arrived in the evening had a nice dinner at the Ugly Duckling.

Lunch out again on Saturday followed by an afternoon pottering about Ely and the garden between bouts of heavy rain. Quiet evening in and then rjk's mum and dad got off birght and early this morning. we got up not-so-bright to see them off, which may be why I'm feeling so tired and lethargic this afternoon.

Wondering if any of our friends are likely to be up for a quiet drink or something this evening (they all seemed to find the prospect of meeting other peoples parents too daunting) or if they'll all be too worried about getting up for work in the morning. Would be nice to do something, though I had a moderately good game of scrabble with rjk a bit ago. Looking forward to the rest of the week off anyway!
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