Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Well, I can still punt

And more or less in a straight line at that *and* turn the punt round on purpose without hitting the bank, so who cares if it's really slow right? I mean I even remembered things like to *drop* the pole instead of lowering it, and to give it a twist if it's trying to get stuck in the mud. Watched one other punt lose their pole: least they had the sense to let go rather than falling in, though in this weather that might have been quite pleasant. It's glorious out there.

Lovely way to spend the evening, especially with dinner out beforehand, pimms and lemonade during, nice company, and a drink in the Anchor afterwards, with a surprisingly rock oriented selection of music which was cool. We should do it more often. And Mobbsy: I still owe you some cash.
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