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First and Last and Always, meme

first bike: Dunno, I remember a beige coloured small shopper bike from aged around 5 or so. Judging by what I remember from my sisters I may well have had a little plastic trike before that. First *proper* bike is the one I'm still riding now
first best friend: Probably Emma from when I was tiny, who I must drop a line to, as she's not very well. Trying to think of good books and CDs to send to someone poorly when you haven't seen them since they were 15. I remember my mum telling a lovely anecdote from when I was at primary school of my other really good friend Jeanine being heartbroken when I said she couldn't be my best friend because Emma was. She was certainly my best local friend though.
first real memory of something: Don't really remember much before junior school. From there I remember playing "What time is it Mr Wolf" in the playground, and school puddings, and me and Colin Standish always being the last to go out into the playground after lunch.
first car: None.
first screen name: LNR. It stuck
first self purchased album: Probably Simple Minds Glittering Prize I think
first funeral: My grandma, died suddenly of cancer in her late 50s, my dad flew over to see her in hospital and we flew over for the funeral. And my mum and sisters and I broke with tradition by following the coffin down to the graveyard with the men after the service in the living room. All the other funerals I've been to have been for young people, Kathryn, Ian and Kate.
first pet: A pair of gerbils, Lizzy and Lucy
first prime minister voted for: Um, well you don't actually vote for the prime minister y'know. Voted Labour in the last general election, and almost really believed things could only get better. Oh well.
first piercing/tattoo: ears aged 13.
first independent home: Shared house at Relativity, from Jan 1998. Before that I was always in college rooms or at home.
first house/flat/apartment: Anjou, bought October 2001 with Richard.
first love: Colin Standish was my first boyfriend I think. Jeannine used to help him cheat at Monopoly by giving him extra money from the bank, and I never noticed. First vaguely grownup love with probably Phil, had a crush on him for years.
first big trip: What counts as big? Family camping hols as a kid, Ibiza when I was around 12, school expedition to Morocco?
first sport played: Was on the school netball team at Junior School, but secretly would rather have played football
first instrument you remember playing in your house: Recorder. Taught a little at infant school, then taught myself to play and read music by following through the recorder books. Later played cornet, my mum's guitar and my sister's keyboard and clarinet.

last movie seen: Erm, last I recall was "How to lose a guy in 10 days" at the Warner, about to go see the Animatrix. Indeed have just return from
last cuss word uttered: Shit, as I hit an empty can on the way home and my bike wheel shifted an inch right. Always disconcerting
last beverage drank: Espresso before the film
last food consumed: Crackers before I went out
last phone call: Talked to my mum yesterday
last tv show watched: Erm, absolutely no idea, some snooker and a film over Easter
last time showered: This morning
last shoes worn: black clarks sandals
last cd played: Alabama 3, exit on coldharbour lane, in the CD drive at work
last item bought: earrings in Claire's at lunchtime
last download: a picture of ranma-chan to turn into an icon
last annoyance: potholes and litter
last disappointment: you all know it already
last soda drank: vanilla diet coke this afternoon
last thing written: Random LJ articles, comments, irc, and snippets of usenet. I think a post to uk.misc
last key used: Front door, coming in just now
last words spoken: "No thanks"
last sleep: too little last night
last IM: Don't do it
last ice cream eaten: a dark and gold mars bar a few days back, or maybe the white choc magnum on Friday, I forget which was more recent
last time amused: Animatrix: tis fabulous
last time wanting to die: I try not to. Wanting to disappear several times recently
last time in love: Now, always...
last time hugged: this afternoon
last chair sat in: currently computer chair at home, previously cinema seat at the Arts
last lipstick used: Purple boots one, on Friday for Bmovie
last shirt worn: punkyfish zips top, on Friday for Bmovie
last time dancing: Saturday, to Oysterband
last web page visited: This one.
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