Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Meme of great length

This one inspired some nice memories.

Where did I meet you?

_lois_: Oxgoths, down the RadcliffeHarcourt Arms
addedentry: Amazingly in the Free Press in Cambridge, I'm sure we *ought* to have met before then
aendr: don't think we have
ailbhe: AFPmeets, or one of the Discworld cons, not sure which was the first
aimlessdesire: Oxgoths, down the RadcliffeHarcourt Arms
aldabra: ucam.chat meet
ali_in_london: Cambridge beer festival of all places
angoel: CUSFS maybe, or random SGO party
angua: Slimming World class
antinomy: CUSFS maybe, or random SGO party
atreic: A party at Foundation
barberio: AFP meet or possibly AnimeSoc in Oxford
beckyc: Probably Hertford College bar, when she was seeing one of my friends
beingjdc: I don't remember having met you before Stay Beautiful
bellinghman: Probably your engagement party at the first Discworld con
bellinghwoman: Probably your engagement party at the first Discworld con
bmovie: Um, the Water Rats near Kings Cross
bopeepsheep: I think we first met in person in the queue for a Pratchett book signing
brrm: The Free Press, at the same time as addedentry
calnhobbes: Someone's collection of comic books
ceb: probably CUSFS
cjwatson: probably CUSFS
claroscuro: probably CUSFS
crag_du: One of Christi's parties
crazyscot: SGO
dakeyras: Juliet's housewarming
damerell: Oxford AFPmeet in Summer 1995, about the only person who came very far
daneel_olivaw: Possibly while you were housesharing with Becky? Otherwise at Dougsoc
davefish: RPGsoc
dilbert_feed: Someone's comic collection
dmwcarol: Trying to recall if we've met IRL. AFP related anyway
dreamingchristi: SGO party probably
ottah: Slimming World class
emperor: CUSFS or SGO party
ewx: ucam.chat meet or maybe AFP meet in Cambridge, though most remembered early for an entertaining evening in Owen's room
fanf: ucam.chat meet or maybe AFP meet in Cambridge
fivemack: Oxnet meets
uberredfraggle: Oxgoths, down the RadcliffeHarcourt Arms
fluffymormegil: SGO party probably
games_puzzles: Green Street :-)
geekette8: cam.misc meet
ghoti: SGO party probably
glamwhorebunni: Panic
glitterboy1: Work
gnimmel: Have you been at any ucam.chat meets? I can't remember if we've met in person
duncanneko: the Calling
hoiho: The Castle, shortly before he was crashing at our place
hollyp: Karen and Simon's place
hsenag: Oxnet
imc: Oxnet
j4: Oxnet
jiggery_pokery: Oxnet I think
julietk: First remember properly meeting at Stay Beautiful, which doesn't really seem possible
jvvw: Dougsoc most likely
k425: First Discworld con probably
youngbloke: Not yet met, but would like to
kaet: ucam.chat meet maybe? Or Owen's room
karen2205: Juliet's housewarming
keirf: You bought us a drink after the quiz at the KSR the other day, but I think I may have met you some years back at a cam.misc meet in the Castle
keris: Dougsoc probably
kitty_goth: ucam.chat things, or random bunches of people before the SGO really grew
lark_ascending: SGO party probably
littlemissgoth: School
lnr: Um, Northallerton :-)
lusercop: ucam.chat meet probably
marnameow: party at Simes and E-J's
marnanel: Have we met in person
mc_smeagol: Not met
meirion: ucam.chat or SGO
mhk: Once bumped into in Cambridge many years ago while still seeing David, but met properly when visiting them in Bournemouth I think
mjg59: SGO parties
mobbsy: Early AFP or ucam.chat meet in Cambridge
monkeyhands: Jan's parties
mpinna: Properly met at a party at Jan's I think
mr_tom: Oxgoths down the RadcliffeHarcourt Arms, or possibly the Gloc by then
mst3kgirl: ucam.chat meet maybe? But certainly at Martin and Aldabra's wedding celebration if not before.
mtbc100: ucam.chat meet
naath: Veizla, and then at Foundation, dunno if I'd met you at all before then
naranek: ucam.chat meets
nassus: SGO party at House
natural20: Probably first discworld con, but only really properly remember you from when you were visiting Karen and we had lunch at Tatties
newcat: the Calling
nilasae: Don't think we've met IRL
nou: Oxnet
perdita_fysh: First Discworld con
pir: Don't think we've met IRL, keep meaning to say hi next time you're around
ptc24: CUSFS I think, or possibly SGO parties
pto452: Jan's driveway
damned_colonial: Still not yet met, would like to
razornet: Calling maybe, or perhaps SGO parties
rbarclay: not met IRL
reddragdiva: Simes and E-J's party
rejs: Oxnet
rillaith: I think I may have seen you at SW, but properly met at one of E-J's parties
rmc28: SGO party at Greenend, was that the last ever one? Or perhaps the one before.
sampiano: Oxford, quite possibly at the great egg party. That was fab.
saraphale: Slimming World, though we did seem to scare you off
scat0324: Oxnet, I remember you getting very drunk and somehow walking into a wall on the way back to Noodles' room I think
senji: CUSFS or SGO
shadow_jess: Juliet's housewarming
shereenb: Not met IRL, but uk.misc
simonb: I think I first met you IRL at a upp meet, but hadn't worked out who you were
simont: SGO parties
sion_a: SGO parties, or perhaps earlier before the SGO was fully formed
smallclanger: Have been sort of introduced a bit at your house, but not really met
songster: Cambridge AFP meet probably
soubrette: Cambridge AFP meet, where you were asleep, and then at your wedding. Strange!
sphyg: SGO parties
sweh: Not met IRL
taimatsu: Through Jan, might have been an Oxbridge.tat meet, but not sure
teleute: CUSFS
thorfinn: not met IRL
timeplease: ucam.chat
truecatachresis: Oxnet
uon: Oxnet
vyvyan: ucam.chat
wintrmute: Sort of met-ish at Stay Beautiful, but more later at Juliet's housewarming and at Glasto
womble2: In the Turf in Oxford, with Chris and Al iirc, I forget what the official excuse was, might have been supposed to be AFP, but you all ended up talking computers
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