Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Longer version

Was planning on catching the 6:45 train down to London on Friday when I looked at my clock and realised it wa already 6:35. Ooops. Told rjk to get tickets for us both and dashed over to the station in time to leap on the train before it disappeared. Wandered along it looking for seats and found Andrew, Simes and E-J. Was laughed at for getting changed on the train. Got to the pub in time for a nice steak Sandwich and a pint and to meet people before heading off to Bmovie itself.

This apparently was much quieter than usual, though of course I have no comparison, I presume the heat has put them off. The aircon unit didn't seem to make much difference to the overall temperature of the room, but was nice to go stand in front of occasionally. It was a fun evening anyway. Nice G&Ts to drink, some rather fun music to dance to, cute people to people watch, good friends to say hi to, even if it was mostly too loud to chat. Richard laughed at me for knowing all the words to Summer Loving, I think he's weird for *not* knowing it dammit. After much bouncing was definitely flagging towards the end though. Left just before 2 and headed back to MBM's rather nice flat and slept on his very comfy sofa bed.

Up relatively early on Saturday morning, and had coffee and chatted geek and poi for a bit before heading back to KX for the train. We had been planning to go home before heading to Ely, but realising that we were already running really rather late and that the train we were catching went straight through to Ely anyway we just headed straight there and hid in the shade of the box office until the others could join us. Spent the afternoon mostly sitting in the shade at the back of the main marquee listening to the music, then in the long gap before the evening session had a play with the poi in the sunshine. This attracted the attention of some other enthusiasts who came over to say hi, and turned out to be really good fun. We hung around with some or all of them for the rest of the afternoon. No doubt I'll probably never see them again but here's hi to Abigail, Russell, Alex and Cat anyway, was nice to meet you. This is where the sunburn and the blisters came from anyway, and the slightly aching arms (though they're not as bad as earlier in the week, I think they're getting used to it). The aching legs muscles were probably from the dancing. Also pottered along every so often to say hi to the others. Felt it was easier not to try and bring rjk along too, and hope I didn't abandon him too much too often. Nice to see them too. And Jan looked even pinker than me by the end of the night.

Anyway, Jon and John played some nice stuff on fiddle and mellodion (sp?) with some nice singing. Especially liked the one about hanging. Shame they didn't have enough material to play a different set in the evening to the afternoon one, but it did make singing along somewhat easier. Malinky were friendly and had lovely accents and a nice mix of different instruments. The star of the afternoon though was definitely Rory Mcleod though, who was utterly excellent. I've gone and ordered one of his CDs online, hope it comes across as well as it did live. A real mix of completely different styles, lots of influences from travel all round the world. Guitar, harmonica, spoons and voice. And a really good line of patter inbetween tracks, even if it was rather more wordy than you usually get. He got a second set before the headliners in the evening, which was at least as good as the afternoon one if not better. Stonking stuff.

Then last but not least the Oysterband. Thankfully Sion had offered us a lift or we'd have had to leave early enough that we'd have entirely missed this. Which would have been terrible, because they were really good. We were right at the back of the tent, but the stage was high enough that this didn't stop us being able to see over everyone's heads, and meant we had plenty of room to dance. We'd had a bit of a sneak preview while they were doing the soundcheck, because they'd actually done a run-through of a couple of tracks, and we'd been using the back of the tent for some shade. The actual real thing was much livelier though, and didn't have instructions to Mike the sound-guy being sung through the middle of it either. Lots of tracks I knew and sang along to, lots of songs I didn't know but did my best to pick up as I went along. Was touched by how pleased Richard was to have them play "The Oxford Girl" and thought "last time I get married" was the perfect finalé. I *so* am going to have to have that playing at the reception if I ever do get married. Richard suspects it may all be true about my uncles. Knowing some of them he may be right.

It was late by the time they finished, but we didn't care. And we sang along to the radio in the car on the way back home, with utter abandon and no worries about whether we were actually quite getting it right. The only thing that could have made the whole thing better would have been if Richard had been up to spending time with the others, so I wasn't splitting my time between two groups of nice people all the time. But hey, it wasn't the end of the world.

Today is a day of rest anyway, for once. Maybe some housework at some point, but nothing very strenuous I suspect. It's been a great way to spend the weekend anyway. Thankfully it looks like next weekend will be a bit quieter though: I think we need a break!
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