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Who's coming to B-movie then? Me and Richard. Simes and E-J? MBM and Pinkbeast will be there I presume. Vicky still not sure? Marna isn't, nor is Mobbsy or Jan. Kitty's not back from forn parts yet? jdc's off to a gig instead, Toby's going elsewhere too. Ali? Juliet?

Was exceedingly cross and upset last night that despite doing something that was making me unhappy to try and help rjk feel better it seemed like it didn't help at all. But we talked (eventually), and apparently it does help, even if it doesn't solve everything. And actually he does seem somewhat happier overall, even if not at that moment. So maybe it's not a complete waste of time, but it does make it harder to keep on believing I'm doing the right thing.

And cunningly I'm in bright and early today, all the routine stuff is nearly done, the stuff I was supposed to be working on has been handed over to John, and um, Paul's in a meeting so I have to find some bits and pieces to do in the meantime. Bloody typical suddenly having a bit of motivation and it being harder to find something to use it on.
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